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Cryopreservation is a "backup plan" to help navigate some of the potential stress points during infertility treatment.

Cryopreserving sperm, also known as sperm freezing, is a common practice in the field of reproductive medicine, particularly for infertility treatment. There are several reasons why sperm may be cryopreserved before or during infertility treatment:

  • Assured Backup: Cryopreserving sperm provides a reliable backup in case the male partner's fertility is compromised during the course of treatment or before undergoing procedures that may impact sperm quality. This can be important in situations where certain medical treatments (such as chemotherapy or radiation) may have potential adverse effects on sperm production or function.

  • Convenience and Flexibility: Cryopreservation allows for greater flexibility in the timing of fertility treatments. For example, if a couple is undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), cryopreserved sperm can be used for multiple cycles, saving time and potentially reducing the cost of treatment.

  • Sperm Sample Collection: Some men may find it challenging to produce a semen sample on the day of a fertility treatment procedure, especially if they are anxious or uncomfortable in a clinical setting. Cryopreserving sperm in advance ensures that a high-quality sample is readily available when needed.

  • Travel or Deployment: Military personnel or individuals who frequently travel for work may choose to cryopreserve their sperm to ensure access to fertility treatment regardless of their location or deployment status.

  • Genetic Considerations: In cases where the male partner carries genetic abnormalities that could be passed on to offspring, sperm cryopreservation can allow for the screening of sperm samples for genetic issues before use in assisted reproductive techniques.

Cryopreservation provides a safety net, giving individuals or couples more control over their future fertility options. When possible, we strongly recommend securing a sperm sample early in your infertility journey.

Save a sample from the comfort of home. It's possible with Fellow.

When it comes to cryopreserving your sample, the quality and safety of your stored sperm is imperative. We have partnered with Fellow to provide our patients with a clinical-quality collection + storage experience, ensuring that our cryopreservation offering is as robust and secure as possible.

Collect a sample, mail it in, and you're good to go. It's that simple. 

Cryopreservation is no longer a futuristic concept we only see in movies. Modern medical advancement has made this once-complex and expensive endeavor much more accessible to everyone.  

  • ​​​​​​Safe shipping maintains viability. 
    Fellows' patent-pending kit is designed to keep your sample in optimal condition as it travels back to the lab. Each kit is temperature-controlled and contains a preservation solution that extends the life of your sample.
  • Analysis is always included.
    Your sample will be tested for concentration, count, motility, and morphology. This is valuable data if you plan to use your stored sperm. 
  • Fertility preservation. 
    Sperm gradually degrades with age, and can be greatly affected by your health and lifestyle. Preserving your swimmers now can increase the chances of fertilization in the future.
  • Security is a priority. 
    Fellow is the only mail-in semen analysis and cryopreservation company to own and operate a CLIA-certified lab and be registered with the FDA. 
    The lab is locked 24/7 and is equipped with video surveillance to ensure your sample is safe. Your sample is deidentified and can only be removed with your approval. Samples can be stored indefinitely and are ready for when you need it.

  • It's easy to access your sample.
    If you decide you are ready to use it for a fertility procedure, Fellow will coordinate delivery with the clinic you choose.

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