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Results you can trust. All from the comfort of home.

One of the first steps in our infertility treatment process is collecting a semen sample for evaluation. Luckily, you can now skip the awkward experience of strangers walking past a sterile room in our office or a clinic while you're trying to "take care of business."

We're sensitive to the challenges you're navigating during this challenging time. Reliable at-home testing has drastically improved our patient experience with increased privacy + a reduction of in-person visits for you and your partner.

During testing, we evaluate key fertility factors, including:

  • Sperm Count: How many little guys are in your semen? A low count means fewer chances of successful natural baby-making.

  • Sperm Movement: Is your sperm in motion? Lazy swimmers might tire out before reaching the egg.

  • Sperm Shape: Does your sperm look normal, or is their shape off? Good looks matter when it comes to fertilization.

  • Semen Volume: How much are you producing during ejaculation? Too little might not carry enough sperm to do the job.

  • pH Level: Is your semen too acidic or too basic? Extreme levels in either direction can affect fertility.

  • Liquification Time: How long does it take to change forms? Speed matters!

  • White Blood Cells: Is something else going on? Infection fighters in the semen can be troublemakers.

  • Fructose Content: Is there enough fuel for your sperm? They too need sustenance.

Finding anything outside of ideal ranges in these areas can help pinpoint what's causing infertility. But remember, one test isn't the whole story. We might need to do a couple of tests to be sure about what's going on.

At Home Testing

We have partnered with Fellow to bring a clinical-quality testing experience to each patient's home. 

Fellow's mail-in, CLIA–approved semen analysis testing system meets or exceeds all FDA requirements for analysis.

Trusted medical sources conclude that this type of testing can be used in clinical practice to evaluate the success of your vasectomy procedure.

We're committed to providing "the best" experience for our patients. There are many benefits of our partnership with Fellow, including:

  • Convenience. No need for another trip to a doctor's office or clinical lab. And, shipping fees are covered.
  • Privacy. Let's be honest…collecting a sample in an office setting is weird for everyone.  
  • Trust. Medically researched, doctor approved. CLIA-approved testing ensures accurate results. 
  • Security. Your data is yours (and yours only). We take your privacy seriously. All results are kept anonymous, and are only shared with you and Dr. Matson.
  • Tested + Protected. Every sample is securely stored in Fellows' state-of-the-art lab as it awaits testing. Once a sample is analyzed, it is immediately destroyed.
  • Fast results. You'll be notified via email as soon as the analysis is complete, typically two days after the sample is received at the testing lab.
  • Expert-level access. In the event that your results are anything less than perfect, Dr. Matson will reach out to discuss options and provide guidance. 

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