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We know you’d probably rather fight a bear than talk about getting a vasectomy, but if you don’t want (any more) children, then it’s time to consider the option. About 500,000 men each year take control of their family planning through this simple procedure. Dr. Scott Matson is exceptionally skilled and uses minimally invasive techniques that yield a quick recovery. He’ll help you be comfortable and confident in your decision, and get you back to heroics in no time.

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"Dr. Matson took time to explain things in terms I could understand. I knew I had found the right doctor."

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The Vasectomy and Male Infertility Center of Connecticut is a practice devoted to male reproductive needs. Whether you are considering a vasectomy, want a vasectomy reversal, or need an evaluation and treatment for infertility, Dr. Scott Matson and his team will treat you as a person, not a time slot. Your comfort, confidence and efficient care are our top priorities.