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As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to negatively affect businesses we have some good news to share when it comes to medical offices.

Government agencies and most commercial insurance companies have temporarily approved Telehealth visits and consultations. While our office may be closed for procedures and in-person visits, we are excited to provide this option to stay connected with our patients while also protecting the health of our community through isolation measures.

Truth be told, Telehealth is a service that we explored long before we knew about “social-distancing”. Dr. Matson takes great pride in keeping our office at the forefront of patient care and technology. We had researched and vetted a secure solution and planned to implement it once we received approval from our governing bodies and insurance partners. The system we have selected is fully encrypted and HIPPA compliant to standards set PRIOR to the COVID-19 outbreak.

With our Telehealth solution up and running, we are currently scheduling remote consultations. We encourage you to take advantage of this unexpected time away at home to take the first steps towards having complete control of your family planning. With all paperwork and an initial consultation complete, your procedure can be scheduled once our doors are open again.


With Telehealth we're able to improve our client experience with increased:

No additional travel time means you can schedule your consultation between meetings or on your lunch break.

You'll never run into a neighbor or client in our remote waiting room, and your secret is always safe with us.

Our platform meets HIPPA standards and exceeds current Public Health Agency and Government guidelines .

Risk Management

We continue to prioritize the health of our community by limiting interaction between patients, providers, and staff.

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