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A vasectomy is a simple procedure that seals the tubes (vas deferens) that carry your sperm into your ejaculate fluid.

After the procedure, your body will still produce both sperm and fluid—your swimmers just won’t be able to jump into the pool. New sperm get absorbed by your body and your ejaculate isn’t noticeably different. Your sex drive and erection aren’t affected either.

A vasectomy is tremendously more effective than error-prone condoms or birth control pills. According to the CDC, the failure rate for a vasectomy starts at 0.15% and drops to 0%*—versus 18% for condoms and 9% for the pill. (They even have a printable diagram, if you’re into that.)

And, the procedure is low pain and low risk—not like the cringe-inducing legends of old.

Dr. Matson has performed more than 7,000 NO-Needle, NO-Scalpel vasectomies.

His method is the most minimally invasive available. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and is far safer than the sterilization methods available for women.

Behold, a procedure diagram and description a la health class, minus the jokes from your friend two desks over:

After preparing the scrotal area with antiseptic, the NO-Needle spray device is used to numb the skin and vas deferens in several quick bursts. (Following the anesthetic, most men feel very little.) The vas tubes are then accessed through a single small opening in the skin created using the No-Scalpel technique. Small portions of the tubes are removed, the ends are sealed with heat and closed with absorbable suture or clip. The opening in the scrotum is so small that no stitches are needed.

Following your vasectomy, you should rest for 2-3 days with your feet up, and then keep your activity light for another 5-7 days.

If you want to know more, you can read the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

If the idea of a vasectomy creates stress, our Nitronox-assisted procedure might an option.

*Half of vasectomy failures occur in the first three months, when there can still be “old” sperm in your semen. So until we tell you the coast is officially clear, continue using another method of birth control!

"My vasectomy was a quick, easy and pain free experience."


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